TA Guidelines

Sociology 321: Sociology of Economic Inequalities

To do every week:

Change Default Post Category
Do after 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday that posts are due (e.g., the Sunday that the Week 5 posts are due, set the default category to 6)

To update the default post category, go to Settings > Writing. Under Default Post Category, select the correct week number (so 6 for posts on the readings assigned during Week 6, etc.). Click on Save Changes.

Grading Comments
Do by Tuesday morning

Comments should be graded from 1-4 based on the criteria in the syllabus. Only a few exceptional comments should get a 4’s; if there aren’t any exceptional comments, you don’t have to give out any 4’s. Please email me the and text of the comment and name of the author for any comments that receive a 3.5 or 4, so I can keep them in mind for the class discussion. Comments need to be posted by Monday at 11:59 p.m.; late comments made on Tuesday should be docked a full point, and comments made after class will not be accepted.

Grading Posts
Do by the following Monday

First, make sure the post was submitted on time. To do that, go to Posts > All Posts. Put your mouse pointer over the post you want to review and then click on Quick Edit. It will list the date and time the post was published (the first field in the date is the month number—not the day number—followed by the month name). Posts need to be published by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, or the post will be penalized as described in the syllabus. (For their first late post, we should tell them that—contrary to the syllabus—we aren’t penalizing them this time, but their next post will be penalized.) In the SOCY 321 and 406 Google spreadsheet, please enter the times that any late posts were published in the Notes column for that particular person/post.

Posts should be graded according to the rubric provided in the 321 Rubrics tab of the SOCY 321 and 406 Google spreadsheet. The scores should be entered in the tab for that semester’s class; the spreadsheet should automatically generate the grade percentage once you input the four scores. Write up several sentences of feedback about the post in the Feedback for SOCY 321 Google doc you should have access to. List the feedback alphabetically by the name of the student and the number of the post. Write down the student’s grade (out of 100%) at the end of your feedback. Feel free to use the boilerplate at the beginning of that file to copy and paste remarks (particularly those about grammar). Once you’ve finished writing up the feedback, email me and I will look over the feedback and grades.

Other instructions:

Adding Readings to Dropbox and Blackboard

Upload the scans for any readings to the shared Readings folder in Dropbox. Assigned readings will go in that folder; there is also a subfolder called Considering where I put readings that I’m considering for the class (so if you can’t find a reading that’s already been scanned, you can look here).

Once you’ve uploaded the scanned files, add them to the Readings folder of the Blackboard site. Go to the Readings folder and in the Build Content menu at top select the option Item. For the name of the file, you can use the format Week [X]. Under Attachments, click on Browse My Computer and upload the file for that reading. If there are multiple chapters scanned for the author for that week, then repeat the attachment upload process for each chapter; you can place all the files within one Item for that week.

Setting Up a New SOCY 321 Ram Pages Site (for reference only)

Copy text of post:

  • Read This First! (sticky)

Copy text of pages:

  • Read This First!
  • Sample Posts

Posts > Categories

Add categories (2, 3, 4, etc.) for each week there are posts/comments assigned.

Settings > General

  • Site Title: SOCY 321 (Fall 2018)
  • Tagline: Sociology of Economic Inequalities
  • Timezone: New York

Settings > Writing

  • Default Post Category: 2

Settings > Discussion

Uncheck all except:

  • Allow people to post comments on new articles 
  • Comment author must fill out name and email

Users > Join My Multisite

  • Membership: Automatic
  • New User Default Role: Author