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Dissent - Meritocracy's Casualties

Meritocracy’s Casualties

Dissent-Chen-articleAdulting While Poor

Newsday - 2018-08-10Beware of this misleading snapshot

2017-08-20America, Home of the Transactional Marriage
The Atlantic

Are Campus Activists Too Dogmatic - front page.PNGAre Campus Activists Too Dogmatic?
The Atlantic

The Spiritual Crisis of the Modern Economy
The Atlantic

An Economy of Grace

Extreme Meritocracy

Living in an Extreme Meritocracy Is Exhausting
The Atlantic


The Pain Behind the Pennsylvania Primary
Zócalo Public Square

All Hollowed Out
All Hollowed Out: The Lonely Poverty of America’s White Working Class
The Atlantic

The Atlantic
Forget Denmark: The United States Should Emulate Canada
The Atlantic

No full-time worker should live in poverty
—Also appeared in: amNY (PDF); the Sentinel, Hanford, California; News Times, Danbury, Connecticut; and Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

The Dual Economy
Working-Class Perspectives

Hate the Game

Some Sociological Inspiration
The Journalist and the Ethnographer
To Anonymize, or Not to Anonymize

The Page 99 Test, Campaign for the American Reader

Debunking the myth of self-made success
Zócalo Public Square

Writing | Interviews

Recent Interviews and Cites

Central Time
Rob Ferrett, Wisconsin Public Radio

Article: The Not-So-Great Reason Divorce Rates Are Declining
By Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic

News segments: Census Data Suggests Gap Between the Rich and Poor Varies Across Virginia and Proposed Cuts to SNAP Benefits Could Hit Rural Virginia Especially Hard
By Michael Pope, Virginia Public Radio

Think, KERA.PNGThink
Krys Boyd, KERA, Dallas (NPR affiliate)

Central Time
Veronica Ruekert, Wisconsin Public Radio

newbooksnetwork2_130x130New Books Network
Podcast interview with CUNY’s Richard Ocejo

News segment: Food Stamps in Virginia: A Look at the Numbers
By Michael Pope, Virginia Public Radio

8News-food-stamps-fraud-Victor-Tan-ChenNews segment: 8News Investigates: Food stamp fraud
By Kerri O’Brien, 8News, Richmond, Virginia (ABC affiliate)

The Joy Cardin Show
Wisconsin Public Radio

Article: American Dream breeds shame and blame for job seekers
By Debbie Siegelbaum, BBC News

With Good Reason
Sarah McConnell 
—Full interview embedded above (segment begins at 1:10)
Feature story (3:36)

Gary Price

WNYCThe Leonard Lopate Show
WNYC, New York Public Radio

America’s Work Force Radio
Ed “Flash” Ferenc
—iTunes podcast available (August 19, 2015)

The Peter B. Collins Show

The David Pakman Show
—Video and audio embedded separately above (segment begins at 30:25)

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