Charts and Data

Because of space constraints, the text of my book Cut Loose: Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy does not include charts presenting the data it discusses. Below are links to interactive charts I have created. Click on the chart images and select the Data tab to see the data I described in prose in the book. The charts are intended not just to flesh out the various trends that Cut Loose examines, but hopefully will also provide a generally useful source of information for people interested in inequality and unemployment. Feel free to link to or embed these charts on your own websites.

Note: More charts will be added shortly.

Labor Market

Union Membership and Wealth Inequality (United States) [OECD, Riddell, and Saez and Zucman data]

Educational attainment (United States) [Census]

Long-term unemployment (United States) [BLS]

Manufacturing employment (United States) [BLS]

Manufacturing employment (G8 countries) [OECD]

Union membership (United States and Canada) [OECD and Riddell data]

Union membership (G8 countries) [OECD]

Union membership, by race (United States) [BLS]

Social Support

Religious preference (United States) [GSS]

Social isolation (United States) [GSS]

Public Attitudes about Inequality and Meritocracy

Belief that differences in income are too large (United States and Canada) (United States and Canada) [ISSP]

Belief that hard work usually brings a better life (United States and Canada) (United States and Canada) [WVS]

Belief that hard work usually brings a better life, by intensity of belief (United States) (United States) [WVS]

Belief that success is determined by forces outside our control (United States) [Pew]

Getting ahead by hard work vs. luck or help from others (United States) [GSS]

Getting ahead by hard work, by education level (United States) [GSS]

Getting ahead by hard work, by employment status (United States) [GSS]

Getting ahead by hard work, by union membership (United States) [GSS]

Getting ahead by hard work, by race (United States) [GSS]

Importance of education in deciding pay (United States and Canada) [ISSP]

Importance of education in getting ahead (United States and Canada) [ISSP]


Data Sources

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

US Census Bureau (Census)

General Social Survey (GSS)

International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Pew Research Center (Pew)

World Values Survey (WVS)